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Balcony Garden Paradise

With balcony gardening, even the smallest space can be transformed into a lush oasis, allowing us to reconnect with nature in a meaningful way

Our Areas of Focus

What We're About

Balcony Garden Paradise’s mission is to inspire you,
the apartment dweller or condo owner, to create your
best life through garden style and design.


Design & Layout

We will include ways to design and layout a balcony garden. We will feature articles on the use of containers, vertical gardening, and creative space-saving techniques. We will include tips on how to create a beautiful and functional balcony garden, such as by using color, texture, and height to create interest...


Care & Maintenance

Here we will cover the different aspects of maintaining and caring for a balcony garden. We will provide guidance on how to water, fertilize, prune, and control pests. We will also include tips on how to keep your plants healthy and thriving, such as by providing adequate sunlight, soil, and nutrients....


Plant Selection

Here we will focus on the different types of plants that are suitable for growing on a balcony. This will include the best plants for different seasons, climates, and levels of sunlight. We will also give you some tips on how to select and care for specific plants, such as herbs, vegetables, and flowers...



There are many benefits of balcony gardening, such as reducing food miles, providing fresh produce, and promoting biodiversity. We will provide tips on how to make your balcony garden more sustainable, such as by using organic practices and reducing waste...

Gardening as Life

Meditations on Gardening

Bring nature in your home

Balcony Gardening is an Extension of your Space

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