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Balcony Garden Paradise is a family-created website that is passionate about bringing the joy of gardening to everyone. We (Tom and Lisa Woods), have been married for over four decades and gardening has been a cornerstone of our lives together. At Balcony Garden Paradise, we believe that everyone can experience the joy and satisfaction of growing their own plants, and we are committed to providing the tools, resources, and support that our readers need to succeed. Tom comes from a long line of farmers.  His grandfather, Ken Knudtson worked for Del Monte as he started building his farm.  He invented implements that helped Del Monte pick peas.  With his farm established, he raised corn, oats, and soybeans.  He also raised beef and dairy cattle and hogs. After his kids left, he started raising carrots and tomatoes for Campbells. When he “retired”, he planted an apple orchard and sold apples, cider, and other goodies from his barn in De Kalb, Illinois.  Tom’s father as well as uncles and cousins were also in farming.  These were the seeds for inspiration. As a young man, Tom was fascinated with hydroponics and other types of planting.  With each new home, we moved to with our two boys, we had the requisite garden. That could include flowers, veggies and herbs, and often both. Chickens, turkeys, and bees were sometimes thrown into that mix.  It’s all just part of our family.  Our older son now raises chickens and it’s an amazing experience for our grandchildren. After our kids had flown the “coop”,  we faced a brand-new experience — apartment living.  Tom wondered what he would do without a space to grow all the plants he cherished.  It didn’t take long before potted plants of all sorts were showing up and finding new homes on our new 3rd-floor balcony.  Thus began our new passion — balcony gardening and “Balcony Garden Paradise.”

Tom & Lisa Woods

Garden Balcony Paradise
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