The Best Blooms on your Balcony: Plants to Love in Lisbon

Lisbon balconies come alive with greenery – the perfect plants to bring a little nature to your nook! 🪴Some balcony must-haves in this Mediterranean city include succulents like aeoniums that store water in their thick leaves, herbs like rosemary and thyme, and cheery blooms like petunias and geraniums. Get your balcony garden inspiration from local spots like this charming weathered balcony. Tag a plant-loving friend and let me know your favorite balcony plants!

From Yard to Balcony: The Story of Our Hardy African Milk Tree Plant

Our African Milk Tree plant has come a long way! We took a clipping from our old yard and brought it to our new balcony garden paradise. 🌞💦🌿

African Milk Tree is an Amazing Balcony Garden Plant: Growing and Caring for Your Succulent

Learn how to grow and care for the African Milk Tree, a beautiful and easy-to-maintain houseplant. Our tips and tricks will help you keep your plant healthy and thriving.

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